RV Repair Log

Nobody really prepared you for just how much stuff on an RV will go wrong literally all the time! I wanted to start trying to document the issues I've run into here as well as troubleshooting steps and how I repaired them!

Disclaimer: I am no mechanic or repairman, just a normal everyday joe that is sort of handy and loves to learn.


After a really really long travel day (essentially from Atlanta to our home which is about 9 hours) while I was pulling into the drive way it was dark and rainy and honestly I was not really thinking and ended up pulling under a big oak tree on our property.

Ultimatly this is another victim of the same issue I fixed in January, I just didn't realize until recently the cover for the vent was missing

I picked up another vent cover from Amazon for pretty cheap, under 9$ total. The only thing is that the vent was the full unit and I figured I probably only needed the top cover bit.

After getting the vent and being able compare it to the one of my roof I realized one of the little legs that hold it on was missing, guess I managed to break that one - the good news though was that there was a screw really responsible for holding it on so I was able to just swap out the top bit as well as the existing screw and was good to go without needing to remove and replace the existing dicor which I will probably still have to do at some point.

That said - repair successful and time to move on to the next one!

2022-01-30 - Running lights shorting out while towing

For a couple of trips I had been noticing that my Furrion observation camera would periodically "lose signal" and come back. I just figured it was the display itself losing the wireless connection with the camera briefly and never really worried about it too much.

On our last trip the camera went out for an extended period and we happened to be towing at night, so I glance back at the trailer and realized the running lights were off. This is the same power source the camera uses so now I'm wondering if it's actually been the issue for a while

After a bit we hit a bump in the road and everything came back on so I kept going to our destination so I could get the trailer dropped off and look around to see if I could identify anything. During my walk around I noticed that one of the side markers was not lit up so I went to remove the cover from it to check the bulb and the bulb just fell out!

When I looked further I realized that the wiring to the actual marker had been pulled out into the plastic wire tubing and had been just touching each other for who knows how long. This resulted in the wiring being completely melted at the connector. I snipped the bad part of the wiring off and taped everything up while we were on the road for the weekend for further review once we got home.

After getting home I proceeded to do a full check of all the wiring from the trailer plug to the lights and found a the connection between the plug and the trailer to have the running lights wiring melted, most likely because of the short from the bulb. I also found the connector to the camera had come slightly loose enough that it could disconnect slightly though the design of the connector (essentially a TRS) prevented any shorting issues.

In the end I replaced the side marker, replaced the melted wire connection and fixed the loose connector to the camera so that hopefully that solves our issue!

2023-01-20 - Broken Popup Air Vent

Replaced a broken pop up vent cover after breaking it by driving under a tree that had a branch that was too low. Forgot to take a picture of this

2022-07-28 - Re-seal backmarkers

2019-09-12 - Axle replacement from a bent spindle

2019-07-28 - Tire blowout