This page is just a list of lessons I've learned from RVing around the country. Some of them are going to probably be obvious - I'd think that's probably pretty normal. Some of them might be a bit obscure, things you probably wouldn't even think about until they happened to you.

Mostly though this is just going to be an ever growing list of things I learned and hope that one day helps someone from making the same mistakes and having the same surprises I did.

Updated: 2024-04-29

  • You probably need a bigger truck than you realize. Sure your current truck is within the spec, your payload has enough limit and you are under your GCVWR but then you have to go up a hill. Or down a hill. That truck will work for a few trips but there WILL BE a day where you just go "I'm done with this" and bite the bullet. There is a difference between "It can tow it" and "It can tow it comfortably"
  • Take the most direct route. There is no fun sight seeing with a massive liability tracking behind you. There are a few very specific exceptions to this rule but 90% of the time, get to your camp, drop the trailer off, then go sightsee. If you aren't handy and aren't willing to learn - don't waste your time. Your camper will spend more time in the shop than on the road. Maybe that's okay for some people but for me it is not.
  • Don't listen to the sales people, RVs are built as cheaply and quickly as possible and there will absolutely be issues. Figure out how to identify and fix problems as they go.
  • Don't be in a rush and adapt your plans when you have to. There is no worse idea than rushing to get somewhere or trying to push to get somewhere when the conditions are bad. Safety is paramount for a successful trip.