This is a list of projects I've worked on.

  • Salt Net API - An opinionated take on a library for Saltstack in Typescript that attempts to leverage the Typescripts typings to make it easier to manage.
  • Salt Extension - MQTT Return - Publish your salt event bus events on MQTT or AWS IoT
  • Yggdrasil Prometheus Exporter - Adds a prometheus endpoint to scrape for metric data from a Yggdrasil node.
  • Saltstack Docker Dev Environment - This is a development environment using docker containers to quickly setup a Saltstack master and minion. I use this setup a lot for development and testing as it makes it significantly easier to test new things.
  • Go Garage - Very basic utility for managing my IoT based garage door opener.
  • Modern Palm Sync - Using some tooling to support syncing emails and calendar details to old PalmOS devices, mostly just for fun.