I like to take a lot of photos with my little mirrorless camera when we go out for hikes and walks for things and I like to make sure everything is geotagged as it makes it much easier to organize things using PhotoPrism.

Previously I had been using the App that was specifically for my camera that Panasonic released called Image App or something like that. The app itself I guess is okay but I really only needed the geotagging feature from it and it was honestly kind of buggy.

Turns out there's a much better way: ExifTool.

ExifTool can take a GPX file and with that all you need to do to tag a bunch of photos is run:

exiftool -Filename -Directory . -overwrite_original -geotag=../coords.gpx

The excellent part of this is that since I use my Garmin watch to record my hikes and bikes I can just grab the GPX file from the Garmin Connect website and I now no longer have to remember to go even bother with the Panasonic Image App.