I've actually done a pretty terrible job keeping up with these and it certainly doesn't help that September was a pretty weird month in general. I'm going to break my normal format for these to try out something a bit more adhoc.

We've begun finally re-furnishing our house. We've been living with old furniture and hand-me-downs for a while now and we've never been able to really figure out a good way to lay out the house. When we moved in we pretty much laid it out exactly like the previous owner and it's been shit.

We finally moved it around and have a totally fresh perspective on what we're after. We turned (well currently turning) what we considered the dining room into a parlour, though, we're still searching for the right furnishings into it. We shifted what was originally being used as the living room into a dining room and finally picked up a beautiful table and rug to fill it out. We finally moved the living room into what was essentially a dumping ground for other shit because we couldn't figure out what the hell to do with it.

Overall it's been a massive boost to how the house looks and we're both finally starting to see some things come together which, after nearly four years of nothing, is a great feeling. The hunt for furniture is still on-going and there is still a lot of work to do - but progress is being made.

We were also supposed to go do a "Paint with Steve Ross" event but it got sort of cancelled due to Steve Ross having COVID and so we're now waiting for them to reschedule the next event for this. We're both kind of bummed about it because we've been watching Bob Ross and Steve Ross forever and were really looking forward to the event!

I didn't really get a lot done on the exercise front. I've started taking our pup out for longer walks to get a bit more walking in but September was a really busy month so I wasn't able to dedicate as much time as I wished I could towards it.

At the end of the month there things got pretty crazy with Hurricane Ian. I had to activate the hurricane contingency, which involves migrating my important locally hosted services onto a cloud host. Apparently I had not been paying attention and didn't realize the replication had been not working for a while so I had to rush to upload close to 250G of data over a 10Mbps upstream connection in three days. That was pretty stressful.

Overall we made out okay in the hurricane, but it certainly could have ended very badly.

September was kind of a weird month overall but thankfully it's not October and that's always a great month!