Once upon a time our company used Slack to company based communication. Was it perfect? No, what kind is - but did it work for us? Well it worked great.

I learned a lot from Slack, as a remote employee it can be hard to learn details about your co-workers. I learned from Slack that our HR rep was having a baby, I learned that one or or main product owners was planning a big move from Connecticut to California. I learned that about everyone in our company absolutely loved Stranger Things.

I got to talk with people who work in teams that I would normally never work with. At the end of the day the only thing we had in common is that we were two people working for the same company.

Is Teams a chat client? Sure, people can communicate with it. Is Teams a video client? Sure, I guess it mostly works... Can Teams share files between users? Honestly, barely. Is Teams a provide a way for teams that would never interact with each other a global spot to communicate? Yeah.... no...

What once was a vibrant channel full of communication between teams has turned into a deserted wasteland that hasn't seen an update in over eight months. Maybe some people would look at this like a win? After all why would you want to be friends with the people you work with.

To me though? It's an outright disaster. One of the worst things that have ever happened to our company that has happened, we got ordered to close up Slack and move up into Microsoft Teams.

We went from a company that had some idea of what was happening amount a large group of geo displaced individuals to a group of people that barely know what is going on.

All to save a buck.