Took a bit of a hiatus there for the last two months really. I'd say since the middle of june until now I really haven't done a whole lot. We went to universal studios a few weeks ago and last week I accidentally chopped the tip of my finger off while slicing carrots. It's not too terrible serious but it's prevented me from using the pad of my finger on my left pinky which pretty much handles all the modifiers on my damn keyboard. Also haven't been able to play the guitar which sucks. Thankfully it's healing and looks to be healing fairly quickly so hopefully I'll be back on that soon.

My wife and I have started making plans to completely re-arrange our house. It's been laid out the same way since we moved in about 5 years ago and truthfully it's never really felt right. Truth is we laid it out like the previous owner who, in my opinion, is a utter fucking idiot. I think that's one of the reasons we've never been able to make it really feel like a home that we need. That's why we've decided to throw out everything and start new.

This also means it's time to replace our old aging TV. I'm now looking around for new TVs and a totally revamped sound system so I can finally build out the entertainment system I've wanted to do for quite some time. This will move the TV much closer to my office which will make it significantly easier to run ethernet and things I need to it. I'm really looking forward to finally getting to build out a really comfortable living room that I miss having.

In the past few months I've made a lot of infrastructure changes to my personal homelab setup. I've added two cloud dedicated servers. I've moved quite a few things onto them that I originally hosted locally and this has had the added benefit of allowing me to totally close all open ports for my home's IP address and route traffic from my cloud servers. I plan on posting a homelab update here soon.

I'm working on a few other things to setup my Owncast server over at my needlecast so be prepared for some content there. I plan on doing some live coding and things involving Go and building out my SaltStack extension platform Saltine. Also might try to do a few live demos of using SaltStack to manage your infrastructure.

So yeah I'm not dead and there is lots of fun stuff coming!