Personal Updates

Been kind of a weird month if I'm honest. Work was pretty busy and then I hurt my back and then got stick so probably 2 or 3 whole weeks of just limping through. Thankfully my back is all back to normal and I'm mostly coming to the end of whatever non covid sickness I ended up with.

I recently started a new project revolving around an improved API interface into SaltStack as well as implementing a basic UI for it. I'll also be streaming some work on the project soon on my Owncast server needlecast.

My homelab has also had some big changes recently involving migrating some VPS I had into dedicated servers. I now have a global Home(ish)lab, which I'll be writing about in detail in a future post.

I'm also hosting an I2P and Yggdrasil nodes. They are currently hosted in Virginia and I'll be providing a second node in Germany soon as well.

Health Updates

Not much to report if I am being honest, so far I've stuck to my diet really well and my weight is holding steady about where it should be!