I'm migrating my file syncing tool from Nextcloud over to Seafile. I've been using Nextcloud to host my families files for a while. It's done okay but recently a few issues with it has really soured it for me, so I decided to start trying some other tools.

Originally I chose Nextcloud because of really one reasons:

  1. It keeps files in their original state so I could leverage ZFS snapshots and tools for recovery
  2. It has a lot of addons that seemed early on very useful

I've been running this setup for a few years now. It's worked okay overall but last week one of the Windows clients generated a whole bunch of errant conflicts for some reason and caused a headache for me to have to go clean them all up - even though none of the files had been touched in a long time. Turns out there's an issue about it.

This made me really take time to step back and look at how I use Nextcloud. Originally when I set it up file sync was the primary reason I wanted to use it, but I also setup a bunch of apps: calendar, contacts, bookmarks, kanban board, tasks, notes. I thought it would be a great all in one spot for everything.

As time went on, though, each app I used in Nextcloud was ultimately replaced by a better more specialized one. My calendar and contacts all merged into mailcow. I swapped bookmarks for Raindrop.io. Tasks and Notes all moved into Obsidian.

At this point the file sync was the only thing I was using Nextcloud for - and I'll be honest here - it's not really terribly great at it.

So I've decided to migrate back over to Seafile.