Well we are down another month in 2022, so I guess that means it's time for a recap.

Personal Updates

I picked up a pair of inline skates at the start of March, went out once and then I hurt my back a bit and didn't really go out again until
about the last two weeks where I went out three times. I'm still learning for sure but each go out I'm improving so I hope to keep it up strong in

I also FINALLY found a road bike. I probably could have found one sooner but I'm picky and wanted to make sure it was exactly what I wanted in my price
range. Road bikes are tough because your choices tend to be "Here's a bike in your price range, but the previous owner died while rolling down a cliff with it"
OR "This road bike is a billion dollars". I plan on writing a bit about how hard it was to find one.

My wife and I bought tickets to go do a "Paint with Steve Ross" class this year. If you don't know who Steve Ross is, well, he's fuckin Bob Ross' son and he's
been on the show as well as had a Nextflix documentary about their whole ordeal. I'm jazzed even though I don't really know how to paint at all and my wife is elated
because she's like a Bob Ross super fan.

Health Updates

I've decided to quit drinking alcohol for a while. I realized I was using it a bit more than I like for not so good reasons and want to get back on track
to a heathier life style.

My weight's been floating around the same for the past few weeks. I think that's probably expected even with the diet and exercise changes but overall I've noticed my
beer gut starting to subside a bit. Still not in abs territory but I do feel like it's progress!

Work Updates

I've been hacking somewhat un-motivated on my resume with the goal of going through a professional resume writing service to help tailor and clean up everything. It's not
been going terrible quickly as I genuinely hate the experience but I do need to get cracking on it a bit more.

Outside of that my current job is pretty much the same.