I really like doing these because it let's me reflect on the last month a bit so time to jump right into it.

Website Updates

I migrated my website from Hugo to 11ty because I got so annoyed with how Hugo works with everything. Everything should be pretty much the same outside a few very minor things here and there.

It was actually mostly easy to move over if I'm honest outside of having a general hatred for Webpack. I ended up switching over to use Speedy Web Compiler to build some Typescript, postcss for building scss/sass code and then 11ty itself to build the website.

I'd say I spent a total of a day moving it over and it works great. Being able to write out code in javascript to implement custom features is amazing and not having to dig through Hugo's docs to figure out how to do something extremely basic is the best.

Overall I am super glad I did the migration.

Health Updates

I've lost weight finally, shifted up my diet cutting out a lot of carbs and focusing really hard on eating at home more often. Overall I'm down about 8-10 pounds over the last month which is solid progress.

Exercise, if I am honest, has been few and far in between. Been so busy with word I've been kind of letting that fall to the wayside.

I also cut back on alcohol a little bit but still enjoying a glass or two of wine with dinner!

Work Updates

Work's been kind of back and forth but the release of our new internal DevOps API and Tooling has been moving along well. People have been slowly migrating to it and the overall response has been very positive.

We got tasked with migrating from Github to Bitbucket by our parent company for, well reasons I guess, and so I've lot a week or two just dealing with that which has been an absolute mess.

I've been pushing to get a JS/Python Dev person with some ops experience hired to help out but so far they've just pushed to have us utilize resources from within the parent company which has been utterly fucking useless.

Personal Updates

I could write a book here but I'll just honestly leave it at - I need a fuckin vacation.