This is my annual year review and goal setting post, to be honest I don't edit this at all and it's really more of a personal ramble so feel free to skip it.

2021 Goals in Review

Well, it's another year done and time for another round of yearly updates. I kind of like doing these because it sets some goals for myself and gives me an opportunity to see how well (or not) I did.

One thing I realized this year is that it's kind of hard to set static goals and not expect some level of deviation. Things ebb and flow and especially with the pandemic, you need to be able to accept some dynamic flux.

So let's just jump right into my goals for 2021:

  • Learn 3d modeling
  • Finish at least one of the house remodeling tasks
  • Learn to sew

So I did end up learning quite a bit about 3d modeling, though what started as more blender/character type modeling pivoted quite a bit into more 3d printing design. I'm quite happy with this one as I've managed to design and 3d print quite a few of my own designs and it's actually been extremely useful! I'll give myself a 4 out of 5 on this one.

The house remodeling I give myself a 2.5 out of 5. We got some small projects done, like the sky lighting and painting - but did not accomplish the bathroom remodel. I did manage to squeak in my (partial) office cleanup but still need to do the flooring. Actually I'll bump this up to a 3 because of that.

Learn to sew? Yeah that one keeps popping up. I did actually manage to finish a single project the whole year, a basic skirt. It went, well, okay. I did learn a few things but ultimately it kind of took a back burner. I am hoping to try to keep working on this but it's hard to squeeze it in. Honestly I'd say 2 out of 5 mostly because I did actually repair a lot of clothes.

So overall as far as goals go I'd give myself a solid 3.5 out of 5, and you know what, I'm happy with that.

2021 Personal Review

This year I wanted to add a bit of a personal review talking about this outside of just the static goals I set for myself.

On a health perspective, it's been a mixed bag. I took up cycling in April and really enjoyed it and was pretty disciplined on biking at least three days a week until November. Unfortunately I hurt my neck and then immediately after that stopped hurting I got COVID and then I just never really got started again.

Same with my diet, which started off good but eventually I just got so lazy and tired of cooking and cleaning that I just started eating out all the time.

On a professional side of things, I did accomplish this year moving into the new role of Lead DevOps Engineer, which I had technically been titled as a "Software Engineer". This is a great move and something I've been trying to have happen for a while now, as most of my work is really more infrastructure/operations related these days (which is awesome) as opposed to strictly developer work.

In the mental health and personal growth department, I'd say it's been a pretty rough year. I've been pretty isolated this year, probably more so than 2020, and it's been pretty tough. We haven't really had a true vacation since pre-covid and it's really taken it's toll.

I've also lost some friends and really haven't had any real life friends since early 2020 to lean on or talk to. That's been pretty difficult on me and it's not something I know how to fix easily.

I'm also struggling a lot with some self identity issues that I've been having a hard time with for a while now. I've fought against it for a long time and this last year was no different. I've tried to let myself feel free to do the things I like but the backlash I've gotten in the past still makes it a hard struggle for me to just accept myself and be strong about it.

Overall I'd say it's been a weird year.

So what about 2022

With 2021 out of the way what's in store for me for 2022?

Well goal wise I really just have goals:

  • Travel more, we've got an RV and we need to use the damn thing
  • Stop drinking, I have leaned on it as a crutch far too long
  • Be healthier, Eat at home more and keep exercising! Especially biking which I love
  • Be okay with yourself, Yeah I'm going to try and whatever happens, will happen - just find a way to work through it

And the last not really goal but thing I want to do this year is get a couple more piercings. Specifically a second lobe piercing on both sides and a helix piercing. I've really been wanting to do this but have been putting it off because of fear. Time to get over it!!!