This is hardware and software I use to make all this magic happen. I think this is a neat idea and like seeing people’s setups.

Last Updated: 2021-07-26

Desktop Computer

I run a dual OS setup using VFIO so I can have Linux and Windows running at the same time so I can play games. I used to use Wine and Proton and in general it’s fine but I mod Skyrim and Fallout a lot and it just goes easier with Windows. This setup is the best of both worlds

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 2.2 ghz
  • RAM: 32GB – 20GB Linux / 12GB Windows
  • Storage
    • Linux – 500G Samsung Evo 860
    • Windows – 250G Samsung Evo 860 – Boot, 500G WD Blue – Storage
  • Linux GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 1650 GTX
  • Windows GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti
  • Displays
    • 2x 24″ Dell S2415H – Dedicated to Linux
    • 1x 24″ Viewsonic VX2453 – Split duty Linux/Windows
  • Keyboard: ZSA Moonlander Mk1 with Cherry Brown switches
  • Mouse: Logitech MX Master 2S


It’s a 16″ 2019 MacBook Pro work gave me, I use it to run Teams. Other than that I hate it and I hate MacOS. It has a touchbar, which is a stupid thing. The keyboard sucks. It’s rubbish.


This is stuff I use all the time:

  • Firefox
  • VS Code – OSS
  • Joplin
  • libvirtd and virt-manager