Apparently this is a thing now so I figured I would do one as well. You can find an explanation here.

Last Updated: 2021-09-08

What I’m doing now

  • Migrating my edge Kubernetes clusters to Nomad which is, without a doubt, amazing
  • More yard work in the front yard tearing up weeds and planting more pineapples
  • Trying to hit my 505 mile biking goal before the end of September
  • Writing more blog posts
  • Having a beer

What I plan to do

  • Replacing/Upgrading the battery in my side by side finally after it’s sat for some time
  • Putting together a weight lifting routine
  • Some research on 3d printers though I’m still very undecided if I want to get one

What I’ve recently done

  • Cleaned up and re-did some of the landscaping around the front of the house
  • Completed my first 40km bike ride in just under two hours
  • Does laundry count??