Homelab Updates in 2022

There's been quite a few updates since my last Homelab Update from almost a year ago in 2021. Since then quite a few things change but just as much has probably stayed the same. I thought I'd go ahead and post a few of my changes.

I've also gotten rid of all container orchestration like Nomad and Kubernetes. Honestly if I never have to look at Kubelet log files or deal with another fucking piss poor written Helm chart it will be too soon. And don't get me started on dealing with storage for things. I've switched to just using templated out docker-compose files with SaltStack and it works beautifully.

I have completely disabled all inbound connections to my home and use my OVH server to provide any public access I feel is needed. I switched all my Traefik instances to Caddy (because I absolutely adore Caddy) and really has been working well. Wireguard provides a secure Site to Site VPN tunnel between the my local OPNSense instance and the OPNSense instance running on my cloud server. I still have a bit of securing and tidying to do here but overall it's pretty solid.

We had a hurricane come through a few weeks ago and it gave me the opportunity to really test my "Hurricane Contingency", which involves shifting important VMs from my local server to my cloud server. To be honest I'll probably just leave it on my cloud server at this point as it's just connivent and has plenty of resources for it.

The list of services I'm running has also changed and now they look like this:

Overall a lot has changed since last December, and I'm sure over the next year the same will happen - but I am happy with the way things are.