My Current Homelab

Thought I would post my current homelab as things are about to get shifted around a bit now that we're clearing space for me the move the whole mess out of my office into it's own little dedicated area!

It's a bit dusty right now but I'd thought let's just cover what's going on here from top to bottom.

Right now this thing is sitting behind me, in my office. It's been like that because we had originally planned to split a spare bedroom between me and my wife but some things happened and we never had time to move everything.

Thankfully, we're now moving things around and that room is about to be freed up so I am getting ready to migrate everything into it.

So some future plans:

So what do I run with all this stuff? It's all pretty much internal facing stuff that power other crap around the house. I have most public facing things in the cloud, which I'll cover in another post.

Proxmox as the hypervisor and all these as VMs or LXC containers: