Thought I would post my current homelab as things are about to get shifted around a bit now that we're clearing space for me the move the whole mess out of my office into it's own little dedicated area!

It's a bit dusty right now but I'd thought let's just cover what's going on here from top to bottom.

  • Very top is Lucas the Spider and a Chicken plushy named Dorothy II and a old monitor I use as to debug when shit goes wrong
  • Random cheap patch panel that's messy as shit
  • Mikrotik CSR-326 excellent switch that's my main core switch
  • Whitebox Rosewill 2U case that's powering OPNSense as my primary router. It's using an old i5 (first gen with AES-SNI) that I salvaged out of an old Dell computer.
  • Dell R710 the primary workhorse right now. Runs pretty much everything, including as of now acting as my NAS
  • Dell R510 12x bay - This will eventually be my primary NAS. Right now it's not running because it's already hot enough in my office. The stack of drives under it are waiting to go into it.
  • White box 4U AMD server I use for various GPU based tasks and random projects. It's not running right now as the PSU died and I haven't replaced it yet.
  • Bottom shelf has the Cyberpower 1500 UPS, a cable modem, and Tux the internet protector.

Right now this thing is sitting behind me, in my office. It's been like that because we had originally planned to split a spare bedroom between me and my wife but some things happened and we never had time to move everything.

Thankfully, we're now moving things around and that room is about to be freed up so I am getting ready to migrate everything into it.

So some future plans:

  • All the spinning disks in the R710 and the pile sitting on the 4U server will go into the R510 which will become the primary NAS w/ ~24TB of storage.
  • Add a newer Dell server to act as the primary server and shift the R710 to partial duty
  • Build a rack mountable Raspberry Pi nomad cluster just for fun
  • Need to get another managed switch for my office since a lot of the network still comes here and I'll be damned if I move all those cables
  • Add more battery storage

So what do I run with all this stuff? It's all pretty much internal facing stuff that power other crap around the house. I have most public facing things in the cloud, which I'll cover in another post.

Proxmox as the hypervisor and all these as VMs or LXC containers:

  • Jellyfin
  • Radarr
  • Sonarr
  • Lidarr
  • Deluge
  • RTorrent
  • Jackett
  • Home Assistant
  • Nextcloud
  • Consul cluster
  • Minecraft Server
  • Local DNS Server